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Player's Name: Merry
Are you over 16? Yes
Characters Played Here: Previously: Ell Evans ([personal profile] tsingtauense).

Character: Hänsel
Series/Canon: Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters
From When? After the end of the movie.

History: Wikilink


Three to four paragraphs. Don't stress about this section too much; it's not to impress the mods. It's more for use as a reference for other players and to check against the samples for accuracy. You must have three to four solid paragraphs, however!

Hansel: (Starts to regain consciousness to the sound of someone shouting at him. Slowly opens his eyes—the world looks really weird. He's high up in a tree, but…)

Mina: (shouting up to him) Hansel! Hey, Hansel! Are you all right?

Hansel: (Figures out: he's hanging upside-down.) Oh shit… uh…

Mina: The witch hunting is going well, I see.

Hansel: Yep. (He tries to swing himself up to untangle his foot from the vines that hoist him up; total fail. He falls back to dangle in the air.) Ugh… uh, hey, say, can you, uh… (Looking at the trunk, then twisting around in the air to look at her.) Can you tell me which way is back to town?

Mina: (Raises her eyebrows, but points) That way.

Hansel: (looks where she points—through the blood running the wrong way down [up?] his face. He tests his angle; like he can somehow get there from his current position.) That way. Okay. (Reaches out a hand to give her a thumbs up [down].) Thank you! (Waits a second to see if she'll leave. When she keeps standing there—) Thanks. (And again tries to swing himself to reach his trapped foot. Thrashes ineffectually for a bit.)

Mina: You're welcome… (grinning) Do you need some help?

Hansel: (flops back down to snap his head at her) No, I'm fine! (hangs loose, gives her a reassuring smile) I'm fine, thank you. (And a friendly [upside-down] wave.) Okay! See you later! (Goes back to trying to get to his foot.) Urgh, motherf— (With a particular wrench from him, the vines holding his ankle abruptly snap, and with a yell he comes crashing down. It's a long drop.)

Mina: (runs over and kneels beside him) Are you okay?

Hansel: (groaning, and resigned) I'm fine… help me… (She puts her arms around him and he puts his arms around her back so she can drag him up.)

The things that drive him, that he's running from or running toward, that made him so angry he's stopped feeling anger (much as one doesn't really think about breathing), the things he loves—these are all the exact things he has no interest in talking or thinking about.

(They'd spent their lives hating their parents for abandoning them. When they finally learned the why of it, that their parents had in fact sacrificed themselves to save them… that made him hate them more. It took away the last thing he'd had of them. The hatred.)

What he's scared of… well, "fear" isn't really how he feels that anymore either; all he feels is the magnet. Maybe he's got a death-wish. Maybe it's all he knows how to do.

Coming to New Dodge—

Let's make one thing clear. Ja? This isn't the life he'd choose.

None of this is the life they chose.

If Gretel were still alive.

If they hadn't done their job so verdammt well that dark witches were effectively wiped out. So that without dark witches, people needed the next thing to turn on, and they chose white witches. Even ones who maybe had helped them against dark witches in the past. Like, for example, Gretel. And who never in a million years should have been able to get to her, if he hadn't been such an idiot.

So to Hell with them. She wouldn't've let him kill them. But he sure as fuck isn't going to protect them. Not anymore.

So new planet. Nothing he'd shared with any of them. Not his parents. Not Mina. Not Gretel. Not Ben. Not Edward. Not anyone. Not anyone who'd left him. Not anyone he'd failed. Not anyone he had to beschissener think about ever at all promise to anyone.

Where nobody knows him, nobody's going to expect him to talk or think or feel about anything, right? Nobody looking to him for anything. He can just find something new, like mining, or demolitions, or, y'know, gun repair, and get on with it.

Why do you think your character would work in this setting?

He's done. He's just done. With the world. So what do you do with that? Die… or get a new one.

(If you don't believe dying will get you a new one.)

Maybe it sounds like a new kind of challenge. Building something instead of kicking things down.

Maybe just to get away from all the damn witches.

'Cause on the nights he does believe in an afterlife, he's fairly sure they're all waiting for him there.

In any case… he needs a drink. And something heavy in his hands that he can swing. Maybe he'll turn woodcutter after all. Or rock smasher, if that's a thing. Someone's gotta make the mine, right? And maybe something to defend. Not 'cause he thinks any of it is worth anything. But because it's all he knows how to do.

(OOC: I'd like for Eli to cure Hansel's "sugar sickness". 'Cause we're no longer in "That's Not How Diabetes Works: The Movie".)

Attributes: Immunity to magic (as child of a "white witch"). Formidable fighting (armed and brawl) and wilderness survival (trapping, hunting) skills. Of course, the latter is fairly specific to a Medieval Northern European environment. We'll see how good he is outside a forest. Comes from a steampunk environment so he'll adapt to new technology—if not perhaps always seeing the point of some of it.

Inventory: What items is your character bringing with them into the game? (This section may require revision, but will not influence whether your character is accepted or rejected.)

Samples: And now for the hard part! If you need a prompt for your samples, refer back to the Applications Page.

Third-Person Sample: Provide at least three hundred words showing you've got a grasp of how you play your character. Strong preference is given to links to past threads or samples written within this game's setting.

First-Person Sample: A ten-sentence sample of a first-person communication from your character. Strong preference is given to a sample written as a letter or diary entry, but past network and Dear_Mun posts are acceptable, too. Please note that brackets (actions/third-person narration) within the post will not count towards the sentence requirement.

Replies to other characters' posts are also acceptable, so long as the 10-sentence minimum is met. However, you may be asked to provide more if this is not deemed sufficient.


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